Andre Farr

André Farr is a 30-year entrepreneurial executive in the business of sports and entertainment. Mr. Farr first gained acclaim as the President and CEO of House of Blues Sports; and again as the Chairman and CEO of the Black Sports Agents Association (BSAA).


However, it didn’t start there. As a high school All-American football player André’s interest in entertainment surfaced. He was one of the first concert promoters for MC Hammer. When he accepted a football scholarship to UCLA he continued promoting concerts and special events on campus including a highly acclaimed Greek Show and Concert in Pauley Pavilion. Upon graduating from UCLA Mr. Farr’s passion for sports and entertainment led him to continue his mission to create opportunities between these distinct industries. He lent his writing and acting talents to the feature film, “THE Program.” He also worked briefly with Mel Farr Sr., who owned multiple auto dealerships and was highly renowned as one of the top African-American businessmen in the nation.


Next, Mr. Farr joined Stanley and Associates a sports management firm in Los Angeles where he produced an incredible Draft Party at the House of Blues for the Number 1 pick in the NFL – Keyshawn Johnson. After meeting with the founder of House of Blues, Isaac Tigrett, André became partner with House of Blues and majority owner of House of Blues Sports. While there Mr. Farr and his team produced many fascinating events including entertainment surrounding the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the last recorded performance of Tupac Shakur in Los Angeles.


After being invited by Rev. Jesse Jackson to attend a meeting of top black professionals in sport, André was elected Chairman of the Board for the Black Sports Agents Association. As an agent, Mr. Farr has guided the careers of several athletes including D’Marco Farr, a Super Bowl Champion with the St. Louis Rams as well as Alvin and Calvin Harrison, the Olympic Gold Medal twins. Under Mr. Farr’s direction and intense guidance, the BSAA membership has grown to over 3,700 of the world's top sports agents, lawyers, investment managers, marketing representatives and prominent executives. From the inception of the BSAA, Mr. Farr has sought to establish a higher standard of integrity for athletes and sports professionals; promote increased African-American and female representation among athletes; and create broader ventures with the professional leagues and franchises.


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