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I have tremendous respect for André and his passion particularly for youth. I know he’s an entrepreneur but has a special consideration for young children and helping them create an enthusiastic vision for their future and I admire that deeply.”

Bill Duffy Chairman and CEO BDPA Sports Management Group

André is a 21st century renaissance man, a visionary leader that understand the importance of synergy between the institutions of business, entertainment, education, sports, and government. It’s been an honor and privilege working with him in creating a new paradigm that will cause holistic growth and development in our community, cities, nation and world.”

Bishop Kevin Long

The question often arises, ‘Are leaders born or made?’ From my perspective, leaders are born. André’s always been a great leader. As an 18 year old teenager, André fell into the category of being the perfect student-athlete as well as entrepreneur. He was doing business with people who had been conducting business half their lives and he was comfortable with that. He is so talented. Whatever he decides to do, he is successful at and helps other people to be successful too.”

Frank Stephens Former Associate Athletic Director at UCLA


Best By Farr

David Hinson, Kenyon Martin, Michael Munoz, André Farr, and Anthony Munoz at NASDAQ

André Farr & Deion Sanders

Calvin Andrews André Farr & Bill Duffy

Damon Zuwalt, André Farr and David Cornwell

Guy Primus, Betty Tran, Rochelle Webb, André Farr, and Tiffany Everet on panel at DDN Conference

André Farr, Quintin Primo, & Steve Harvey

André Farr with ESPN staff and Kevin Frazier

Steve Harvey, André Farr, and Dr. Ian Smith

Brian McKnight, André Farr, and Pastor Goudeaux

André Farr & BSAA Honor Jerome Bettis (BET NEWS)


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